Volca + Shruthi = Shrolca, a New Kickstarter Synth

Shruthi, the DIY hybrid, monophonic desktop synth module is an affordable way to get some real synth power in your hands. The fact that you have to solder together a few boards before you can even get started might put off some people. That’s why someone decided to put the Shruthi in a Volca-esque housing and sell it on Kickstarter.

Shrolca Campaign Details

We have included a touch activated MIDI keyboard that makes performances in the closet fun! The prototype featured on this campaign page has a wooden box but, the production unit will have a machined aluminum body that is less than an inch deep.

The keyboard, sequencer and arp can all transmit midi data to the midi output. Please see videos below for rundown of options and info on some of the many capabilities of the synth.

Other improvements included in the production unit will be: thicker flat black coating to the faceplate, thicker solder for the touchplates, and higher quality materials used for the faceplate. There will also be a eurorack mounting frame with cv i/o available as a separate accessory.

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