This A.I. Powered Sampler Takes the Pain Out of Finding the Right Sample

It was only a matter of time before A.I. came to help us out with the most mundane tasks of all, finding that fitting sample or drumkit from your sample library for the new track you’re working on. It’s something that easily takes 80% of your time.

Atlas is a new sampler by Algonaut (currently in beta) that harnesses the power of audio analysis together with neural networks and deep learning to organise and group your (drum) sample library in a smart visual map.

You can analyze your own sample libraries (as many as you want) and create a visual map showing all the samples in one place. The A.I. finds all the samples and figures out their type and character and arranges them based on how they sound. There is a drum kit where if you press ‘New Kit’, Atlas will instantly generate a kit with one of each drum type. Couple that with some genre based starter MIDI clips, you can create unique drums and loops in seconds using your own samples.

Atlas Sampler Features

  • Create visual map of your sample library grouped by drum / percussion type
  • Generate 8-piece drumkits with randomize button
  • Drag and drop samples from Atlas to your sequencer / sampler
  • Sample library analysis
  • Like / dislike samples to teach the algorithm what samples you prefer

Atlas is a plugin that works in any DAW such as Ableton, Logic Pro, FL20 etc. Atlas supports both Windows and Mac in both VST and AU plugin formats.

Download the beta for Atlas on the Algonaut website:

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