Stereo Designer for iPad Released

The earlier announced. Stereo Designer app, from the creator of Swoopster (Christopher Rice, Holderness Media) has now been released on the App Store.

Stereo Designer is an all-in-one app for sculpting the stereo image of your incoming audio signal. You can stereoize a mono channel, isolate your left or right channel and apply effects to either one.

When you’re used to the Swoopster user interface you can dive right into this subtle but flexible app. It also supports Audiobus (2) and IAA out of the box, so you can use this with your other favorite apps.



Full press release:

Holderness Media today launched Stereo Designer, an easy to
use multi-purpose stereo shaper and Mid/Side processing effect
for iPad. Designed for use with the Audiobus app, Stereo
Designer lets you easily sculpt the stereo image of input sources
such as vocals, guitar and synths. Create unique wide stereo
images, stereoize a mono input, apply mid/side processing and

Stereo Designer also works as an Inter-app Audio effect inside
hosts such as AudioShare, Auria, Cubasis and Apple’s own
Stereo Designer is available from

Stereo Designer is a powerful stereo shaping tool, allowing the
user to isolate left and right channels, pan each channel
independently, apply delay for doubling and widening effects,
and quickly adjust the tone with high and low pass filters per
channel. You can also invert channel polarity and adjust input
and output gain per channel in both Stereo and Mid/Side modes.

“For my own productions I’m always experimenting with the
stereo field of certain sounds and tracks in the mix,” said Stereo
Designer developer Christopher Rice. “so the idea was born out
of my own workflow initially. I quickly realized Stereo Designer
could be a truly useful tool for others who produce music on
iOS. In particular, it will integrate nicely in the workflow of the
upcoming Audiobus 2 with multiple effects app chains and
unlimited routing features.”

The app is the latest creation from Christopher Rice, developer
of iOS audio effect apps Echo Pad and Swoopster. Echo Pad has
been placed on sale for the launch.

With a clean and friendly interface, the app allows users to
process the live audio output of another app, as well as live
instruments like guitar, microphone or keyboards using a
compatible USB audio interface such as the Apogee Jam.
Stereo Designer features two distinct modes: Perform and
Tweak. The preset list is playable, allowing for interesting sonic
experimentation on the fly. Stereo Designer’s two modes create
a nice balance that bridges the gap between ease of use and deep

Stereo Designer is now available on the App Store for $2.99

Here is a YouTube playlist for getting you started with Stereo Designer which is going to be updated with new videos over the coming weeks:

Stereo Designer is now available on the App Store:

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