Sliver Details, Website + New Video

With Alex Matheu’s Sliver app being submitted to Apple a few days ago, more information on the app is slowly released. First of all the official Sliver website is set up at, which already has the user manual here.

It seems there’s more to Sliver than what we’ve seen at first glimpse so far, here’s the full feature list:


4 Real-time Manipulation Slivers
4 Independent Audio Channels
Full Automation Control
Apple UIKit Dynamics Physics Controls
8 X/Y Pad control
Touchable Waveform
Low Pass Filter
Temp Sync’ed Delay
Realtime Pitch-shifting without effecting Time Domain (TimeStretch)
Audiobus Support
AudioShare Import/Export
Email Import/Export (Sounds and Presets)
Sample Recording
Playable Virtual Keyboard
MIDI (Virtual, Network, or Hardware)
MIDI Learn
40+ Factory Samples
60 Factory Presets

And there’s more demo material as well posted by the beta testers / preset creators:

A track by @OmnilimbO using a Sliver preset with Orphion for the melody and AUFX: Space for the reverb:

Finally, here’s a video of Alex himself going over a couple of presets in the Sliver app:

Sliver will drop in the App Store very soon for a friendly introductory price of $3.99

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