Tutorial: Sampling SoundCloud on iPhone

Now that the Audiobus SDK has been publicly released you could dedicate a whole website on all the app chains you can create. For all the producers that love to sample sounds, there are numerous ways to get your fix on iOS nowadays. SoundCloud was in my top three of apps that I’d love to be able to sample on my iPhone and this is now possible with the help of some third-party assistance. Read on to find out how.

What You’ll Need

Here are the apps I’m using for this tutorial:

The Set Up

In short we’re going to create an Audiobus chain with Cloud DJ on the input and AudioShare on the output. Cloud DJ is a cool app which equips the SoundCloud API for importing tracks to juggle around with DJ-style. We’re going to use it to create and save sound samples in AudioShare.

Audiobus Chain

Launch Audiobus and select Cloud DJ as Input and AudioShare as Output, launching both apps.

Cloud DJ

Go to Cloud DJ and tap the music note on the top right to search SoundCloud for a suitable track to sample from.

Cloud DJ Street Musician

Let’s check out some street musician recordings people have uploaded on SoundCloud.


Cloud DJ Audiobus Recording

Now when you’re playing the track back in Cloud DJ and you’re hearing a cool piece to sample, whip out the Audiobus controls and press record to have AudioShare record the app’s audio output.
Press record again when you’re finished.

AudioShare Recording

Now when you switch over to AudioShare your recorded audio will be ready to go. Tap on the ‘Tools’ button to access the trim function.

AudioShare Trim Mode

Trim down your sample to the selected length.

Trimmed Sample AudioShare

Voila, there’s your finished sample.

Take it further

By using this app combination you can gather a lot of samples with just your iPhone. With your samples in AudioShare there are countless options to take it further. You can AudioCopy your samples over to composition or DAW apps or you can connect AudioShare to your Dropbox account and easily transfer over your samples for use on PC or Mac. You’ll always have a large online database of sounds to sample with you. Next up, Spotify?

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  1. Great tip, thx.
    Would be nice to do such with webradio apps too !

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