Presonus Announces Studio One 4

Tightly scheduled after Image Line’s release is Presonus’ announcement of Studio One 4, the latest version of their flagship DAW. This time around Presonus is aiming at music producers with the addition of some new and improved music composition tools.

Studio One 4 New Features

  • Chord Track feature: Create and change chord progressions, try out chord substitutions, substitute rich chords for simple ones, even have older parts follow a new, better chord structure you came up with thanks to the inspiration Harmonic Editing can provide.
  • Impact XT: Backward compatible version of Impact adding real-time stretching, beat quantization, and synched start/stop.
  • Sample One XT: Sample, auto-slice, stretch, process, trigger, and deconstruct audio
  • New Drum Editor
  • New Patterns step sequencing feature: Tight integration with instrument parts, automation, and Impact XT. Including step based automation and variable sequence lengths

Studio One 4 Video

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