OP-1 on a Reactable Table

I wasn’t familiar with the big Reactable touchscreen table until I saw these videos of the OP-1 interacting with one. While not being very mobile, it looks like a very cool, but expensive way of experiencing your OP-1 and making music in a new way.

Here’s what the uploader Jay Gilligan said about the videos on the OP-1 forums:

In these videos first the OP-1 controls the Reactable through its midi puck, a block which can be put on the table which feeds midi from the OP-1 to control whatever other block is interacting with it on the surface. The second video shows live audio from the OP-1 being fed into the table’s live input puck which can then interact with any of the other blocks on the table. The third video shows both midi and audio from the OP-1 being fed to the table at the same time.

Instead of using the actual midi and audio input pucks on the table, I placed copies of their markers on the bottom of the OP-1 so the Reactable is actually reading the OP-1 itself in real time while it is sitting on the table.

OP-1 MIDI Controlling Reactable

OP-1 Audio Into Reactable

OP-1 Audio + MIDI to Reactable

I can imagine you don’t have the thousands lying around to afford one of these Reactable tables. But there’s also an app for Android + iOS that works with the Reactable idea, which you can get for a whole lot less.

If you do like the hands-on experience of the blocks there is a mobile Reactable table that was showcased at NAMM and is hopefully more affordable (video via Palm Sounds):

Reactable website: reactable.com

Reactable for iPad:

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