OP-1 DSynth Beta Preview

DJ Thomas White snatched up the latest beta version of the OP-1 OS at NAMM and posted this video of the DSynth in action.

Here’s the original description of the video:

DSynth is a new synthesizer engine that is the brother/sister of the “DBox” Drum synthesizer engine already in the current OP-1 operating system. DSynth shares many of the same features of teh DBox engine, but it is tailored specifically to chromatic sounds. In DBox you program a synthesized drum sound per per. In DSynth you program one primary sound that is playable across the keyboard.

Features include cross-modulating oscillators with variable wave shapes, envelope control and a uniquely powerful pair of filters. Parameters can be controlled via the internal LFO’s like every other synthesizer engine.

I’ll also have to mention that all functionality shown is subject to change, it being an early beta version and all.

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