News: Novation MiniNova Announced for October

Novation MiniNova TopWatch out microKORG XL, Novation has just announced that they’re launching a portable version of their UltraNova synth called the MiniNova. With its portability, performance options and the deep roots in the Supernova series this critter is tailor-made for beefing up your studio productions or taking out with you on tour to jam with. You can utilize the gooseneck microphone and add some crazy vocoding or T-pain effects to your performance or have other instruments run through the MiniNova’s effect modules. With the 265 onboard sounds and all the options that lay in front of you you can tweak or mangle your sounds in real-time the way you like it.

Check out the full specs on Novation’s official website

To get you warmed up, check out this cool performance video of the MiniNova below.

With a price around $400 who knows, you might just have to think twice about buying that microKORG in a few months.

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