Korg Gadget 1.02 Coming Soon

It’s good to know that Korg is taking their Gadget app and its user community seriously. The 1.02 update will take care of many user requests received and will probably be available at the end of this month. Here’s the full news item:

”KORG Gadget version 1.0.2 (code name : Milpitas)”.

At present, we’re aiming for a late February release.

Although we won’t be able to implement all the requests we’ve received so far into this update, we will continue to update Gadget step-by-step for a long time coming. So, be patient and we’ll do the best we can to fulfill your requests where possible!

Gadget will continue to evolve and grow as an app, with refinements and new functionalities still to come. We want to truly unlock the power of mobile music making with this app!

We’re aiming for serious functionality and plenty of fun, with a music app that’s truly optimized for iOS. Thank you again for your support of our mobile music production app, “KORG Gadget”.

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