Image Line Releases FL Studio 20

To mark the 20 year anniversary FL Studio skips seven major versions to move straight to version 20.

FL Studio 20 is not only a big leap in numbering, but also marks the moment FL Studio OS X has become a fully mature, independent version of the software. No more Crossover wrapper, no more alpha or beta. This time the Mac version stands on its own feet.

Here’s what else is new in FL Studio 20.

FL Studio 20 New Features

  • Mac compatible version
  • Mac and Windows Projects are interchangeable
  • Time signatures
  • Consolidate Clips (~ Freezing)
  • Multiple Playlists
  • Plugin Delay Compensation

The list is much longer with all the smaller improvements and changes that have been added in the past version 12 betas.

FL Studio 20 Videos

Launch video

What’s New video

And what has been confirmed before stays true, you’ll receive the Mac version free as part of your existing product license and it is automatically part of Image Line’s Lifetime free updates feature.

Download FL Studio 20 on Windows

Download FL Studio 20 on Mac

FL Studio 20 Official Forum Topic


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