IK Multimedia Introduces iRing Motion-Tracking Controller

Shortly before the CES IK Multimedia teased that they would release an innovative new way of controlling your music:


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Today, they announced iRing, a motion-tracking ring controller for your mobile device that comes in three different colours. iRing works with the device’s front-facing camera and a supporting app, allowing you to use your hand motion as an additional way of controlling app triggers and parameters. Check out the videos below:

iRing will come with an iRing music maker app (that’s similar to Groovemaker) as well as a controller/FX app where you can create custom MIDI controls or control audio effects through Inter App Audio and AudioBus. IK Multimedia has an SDK available for app developers that would like to make use of this exciting new technology.

We’re curious to see how this will affect music making on mobile devices and if our favourite iOS apps will support it in the future.

iRing will cost $24.99 / €19.99 and be available in Q1 2014.

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