FunkBox 3.4 Adds IAA + Audiobus 2 Support

Funkbox, the classic drum machine emulating app received a big update this week which adds Inter App Audio and Audiobus 2 (with State Saving) support. The latter works especially well because you can save the state of your drum box, even for custom boxes.

Developer Synthetic Bits posted the following Audiobus 2 preset to demonstrate a custom Volca box being loaded alongside Swoopster and AudioShare:

Furthermore the update tightens up timing (for different IAA hosts) as well as MIDI clock, giving the app a one up over its big competitor DM1.

Here are the full update details:

OS 7.1 compatible
Inter-App audio compatible
– instrument and generator modes supported
– host timeline sync for easy, tight sequenced loops
– optional host timing tweak for Garageband, Auria, Beatmaker, Cubase
– MIDI in note support for host sequencing
– remote host transport controls included
Audiobus 2 compatible
– state saving of current box, including custom boxes
– new triggers for pattern up and pattern down
Overall volume has been increased, if you have many parts playing at max volume at the same time you may want to lower your overall volume to avoid clipping
“Open In…” added to audio export menu, also includes AirDrop support
iTunes folder option added to MIDI export menu
Swing available in external MIDI sync mode
MIDI Continue and MIDI Song Position message support
MIDI Clock has been tightened up, more clock improvements coming
Various other interface tweaks and bug fixes

More of your requests are coming, thanks for your support!

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