Fugue 1.1 Available, 1.2 Submitted to Apple

The announced 1.1 version of Fugue can now be downloaded from the App Store. Meanwhile, version 1.2 is already submitted to Apple.

track transpose Fugue 1.2

Here’s what you can find in the next update according to Michael Aldridge’s blog:

  • Added an Audio On/Off button.  This allows you to hear your sequence without requiring a MIDI-compatible app or external gear connected.  Note that this audio does not include the preview of Track Length settings, the tones played are of fixed length.
  • Ability to transpose a track within the range of -24/+24 semitones
  • Ability to set the direction that the sequence plays on a track.  By default you will see that the direction stated above each track is “»” or “Forward”.  Dragging the track column up all the way will switch the direction to “«” or “Backward”.
  • Ability to flip the sequence notes on a track.  This is a bit of an experimental feature at this stage.  The “Edit Sequence” page has the ability for you to select a MIDI note range between note 21 and note 108.  When a track is switched to “Flipped”, each note in the sequence, by MIDI number is subtracted from note 108.  Therefore, a low note in your sequence will become a high note, and vice-versa.  You will be able to achieve all kinds of interesting chords and clashes using this feature!  By default you will see that the “Track flip” value above each track is “std”, or “normal”.  Dragging the track column up all the way will switch the “Track flip” value to “flp” or “flipped”.
  • Cut down the amount of graphical content rendered on the screen at once.  This greatly reduces the CPU load on the device, allowing it to be used in conjunction with other CPU heavy musical apps.


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