Focusrite Announces iTrack Dock for iPad

Today, Focusrite announced an upcoming recording interface for every Lightning-equipped iPad and iPad mini. The iTrack Docks looks like it has everything you want for in- and outputs, sporting 2 mic and 2 line inputs, an instrument DI and monitor outputs. You can even connect and power a USB Midi controller, all while keeping your iPad charged up.

focusrite itrack dock


On the front of device are knobs for setting the right gain and volume levels as well as a button for enabling direct monitoring.

The iTrack Dock should work with every Core Audio app and both the regular and iPad mini’s are said to slide in the device nicely.

Check out this promo / recording video with the iTrack Dock in action:

The price will reportedly be around $250 and no release is announced yet.

Check out the official Focusrite site for more details on the iTrack Dock.

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