News: Figure 1.1 Available in App Store

Figure 1.1 UpdateThe long awaited first update of Propellerhead’s addicting iOS app Figure has arrived in the App Store.
Besides overall performance fixes this update finally gives you the ability to save all the beats and grooves you’re laying down in the app as well
as an option to export your audio creations to iTunes’ File Sharing system. No more sampling your iPhone/iPad into your DAW to finish your Figure creations!

Regarding other export options or AudioCopy, Product Manager Mobile Apps at Propellerhead tweeted:

Figure Developer Tweet

With this update you can also set the length of your loops to 1,2,4 or 8 bars of audio and you’ll have a better way of recording your own sounds in the app.

Time to give this baby a ride. Send us your Figure tunes in the comments!

Click here to get Figure in the App Store


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