DrumPerfect Gets Grid View

The recently released DrumPerfect is a very deep drum sequencing app with advanced editing options. The UI however can get in the way of a quick workflow when building up a drum pattern. Luckily developer Marinus keeps a close ear to the user community and introduces a much needed improvement to the app in version 1.02.

The grid view (featured image) is one of the significant improvements in the new update which should appear in the App Store somewhere today. This grid view allows you to easily sequence all your drum hits at once similar to DM1.

Here’s the full What’s New:

All-in-one grid view for easy drum pattern setup.
Choking strokes to choke an instrument.
Copy/Merge function to create new rhythms by combining existing ones.
Easy auditioning of drum samples.
More sample drum patterns.
Various bug fixes and improvements.

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