DrumPerfect for iPad Now Available

The realistic new drum sequencer for iPad, DrumPerfect is now available for sale in the App Store. DrumPerfect gives you an advanced degree of control over your drum kit and sequence creation, with different samples per stroke as well as probability and time shift sliders resulting in a realistic, human-like performance.

It all started with this little post on a newly created Facebook page:

After having played with many of the existing drum sequencers for IOS I decided to develop one of my own. Stay tuned to follow the progress of development.

After this, developer Marinus J.G. van de Molengraft neatly kept his followers updated on the development process.

For some live action, check out the video Doug from thesoundtestroom did:

DrumPerfect is a drum sequencer for IOS 7 that aims at creating extremely naturally sounding drum tracks for electronic music production.

DrumPerfect features three extensive editors to easily create very human-like drum sequences:

– An extensive pattern editor in which each individual drum stroke has its own velocity, timing and probability. Each pattern has its own BPM, time signature and beat subdivision settings. Multiple strokes can be linked to a single probabilistic event.

– An extensive kit editor with up to 16 different drum kits with 16 instruments each. Every instrument consists of up to 16 different user-selectable audio samples.

– An extensive song editor in which a song is built of pattern/kit events.

The “Two-handed” and “Humanize” features give a human feel to the rhythm by modelling the human drummer restrictions and variations.

DrumPerfect offers extensive options for audio-transfer with other apps:

– Live-audio source for other apps via Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio.

– Audio rendering/upload to AudioShare, AudioCopy2, SoundCloud and Dropbox. Both mixed and separate track export.

– Import of audio samples via iTunes or AudioPaste2.

– Midiclock sync input with midi song pointer, midi start and midi stop.

With all the advanced control you’re given in DrumPerfect, the manual may definitely come in handy: (PDF)

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