DrumPerfect Drum Sequencer Coming to iOS

Fellow dutchman Marinus J.G. van de Molengraft is working on an app called DrumPerfect which will be a new programmable drum sequencer for iOS aimed at creating natural sounding drum sequences.

You can follow along the development of this upcoming app on an associated Facebook page, where the developer posts screenshots and audio clips.

While the UI doesn’t look much appealing thus far, DrumPerfect does look like a straightforward and well-thought-out app similar to Igor Vasiliev’s music apps (MIDI Pattern Sequencer, Audio Mastering).

Notable functionalities are the ability to define different BPM’s per pattern, the advanced kit editor with different samples for different velocities and a ‘time-shift’ slider for drum strokes.
Besides that, DrumPerfect is looking to support Audiobus, IAA and AudioCopy from the get go which is always a good move.

The audio examples posted so far have a nice swing and human feel to them, check it out:


You can already read the v1.0 manual here.

DrumPerfect is set for a Q1 release.


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