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Superbooth 2018: Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Of course the upcoming OP-Z synth from Teenage Engineering was also represented at Superbooth 2018. Cuckoo had a deep conversation with TE's Tobias about the OP-Z's features, strategy and future goals. Sonic State's Gaz got a quick product demo at Teenage Engineering's booth. Cuckoo and Teenage ...

Video: Cuckoo Does the Analog Rytm

While Elektron is pumping out Analog Rytms to keep up with the heavy demand, Cuckoo is doing some excellent marketing for this new drum machine. In his latest videos Cuckoo is mastering the new Elektron device and uses it for songwriting, jamming out and sound designing a drum kit from a single ...

Video: Cuckoo Plays OP-1’s DSynth

The OP1's new OS introduced a new synth called DSynth which is based on the existing DBox drum synth. Cuckoo took a break from his Analog Keys to play this new DSynth in his latest video. While an OP School video would be most useful for the DSynth, Cuckoo does a great job showing off the range of ...