Tutorial: Controlling Cassini for iPad with Genome MIDI Sequencer

Genome and CassiniControlling your iPad synths with the on-screen keyboards can only get you so far. You can truly express yourself musically with a hardware midi controller connected through a midi interface for iPad or the Camera Connection Kit. However if you lack these accessories or you just don’t know how to play a keyboard good enough, the App Store provides more and more midi sequencing apps such as Genome that can control other apps through virtual midi. You can easily draw in your midi data and hear your synths play back your compositions. In this short tutorial I’ll explain how you can configure Genome MIDI Sequencer to control the all-new Cassini for iPad synth to demonstrate this process.

  • Launch Cassini and Genome MIDI Sequencer
  • Go to Cassini’s settings tab.

    Cassini Synth

  • Enable ‘Background Audio’ at the Bottom. This will keep the synth playing when you’ve got Genome active.

    Cassini Settings

  • Fire Up Genome MIDI Sequencer
  • Tap the Settings buttons and the Midi tab (you can define tempo and time signature at the ‘General’ tab)

    Genome Midi Settings

  • Choose ‘Midi Outputs’ and select ‘CASSINI’ from the list

    Cassini Midi Out

  • Go back and select a pattern to edit in Genome

    Cassini Track Selection

  • When you play back your pattern you should hear Cassini producing the midi notes and expressions

    Genome Midi Pattern

  • If you’d like to record your performance as an audio clip in Cassini, go back to the Cassini app and enable ‘Autopunch’ and tap ‘Record/Stop’ after that. Your recording will then start whenever you play back the midi pattern in Genome.

    Cassini Armed for Recording

  • When you’re done recording tap on ‘Record/Stop’ again. The ‘File’ button will show you your recorded audio and you’ll be able to AudioCopy it over to another app for sequencing.

    Cassini Files

This should get you going for the first time. Try to experiment further in Genome by setting up full songs with a string of midi patterns or by sequencing other supported apps.

Get Genome Midi Sequencer by White Noise Audio
Get Cassini Synth for iPad by iceGear

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