BIAS for iPhone Arrives

The long awaited BIAS for iPhone finally arrives in the App Store today. BIAS is a popular amp designer that allows you to put together a chain of (pre)amps, tubes, transformers and more for creating your very own guitar tone. You can share and download creations in the special ToneCloud section of the app.

The iPhone version doesn’t seem to be less powerful than its iPad counterpart with 36 amp models included as well as IAA and Audiobus support out of the box. BIAS will work on any iPhone from 4S (+ iPod Touch 5th gen.) and upwards.

iPhone BIAS

BIAS feature highlights:

• The most complete, accurate, and versatile amp modeling available in the world
• 36 amp models included with the introductory release
• Factory categories organize amps by music genre and sonic impact: clean, blues, twang, crunch, metal, acoustic and bass
• Fully customizable preamps, tone stacks, power amps, transformers, cabinets and mic selection and placement—mix and match!
• Customize the look and feel of your own amp panel, change name, tolex, panel and knobs.
• Works the way guitarists think: tweak gain and overdrive, swap out tubes and transformers, change the cabinet and mic position, and shape the tone with different tone stacks and two 8-band equalizers
• Included noise gate and room simulator
• Create a virtually unlimited number of custom amps
• Quick preset to recall each of your 8 favorite settings in turn with just one tap
• Seamless integration with JamUp XT and JamUp Pro XT, open and save your amp models inside JamUp with one tap
• Works with GarageBand and other audio apps via Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.
• Designed for iOS 7, requires iPhone 4S, iPos touch 5th gen or newer

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