B-Step Sequencer Coming to iPad

B-Step Sequencer, an advanced step sequencer developed by Monoplugs will see an iPad version being released on April 28th.

The app will provide more or less the same functionalities as its desktop counterpart, with a simple user interface for sequencing melodies and chords and advanced editing of each step. Furthermore, B-Step Sequencer provides native Launchpad support, making the app really shine when using it with any Launchpad controller.

Check out the video of the desktop version below, the app promo video will come soon:

And here’s how the VST interacts with a Launchpad:

You can get B-Step Sequencer for an introductory price on the 28th after it will go to its regular price of 19,99€ / 21,99USD a few weeks later. Next to this, developer Monoplugs will also put out a free trial version soon, so you can get a taste of B-Step.

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