AUFX Effect Series: PeakQ

Some people were missing the AUFX effect apps in our ‘Best iOS Effects of 2013‘. And because the developer Jonatan Liljedahl recently discounted this range of lightweight effects for a short time, we decided it’s time to put them in the video spotlight on momupro.

First up is PeakQ, a universal (iPad + iPhone) 4-band equalizer for boosting and cutting frequencies of incoming audio. It’s pretty straightforward with 2 peaks and 2 low- and high-shelf filters. The upcoming version 1.1 will feature a real-time spectrum analyser as well.

Everything is neatly represented in the graphical interface which seems to currently work out better on the screen real estate of the iPad than on the iPhone.

This video features prepared drum- and synth loop audio from Loopy HD processed by PeakQ.

AUFX: PeakQ audio excerpt:

AUFX PeakQ on the App Store


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