Audiobus 2: State Saving

In case you were wondering what the long wait is about for Audiobus 2, the developers posted this video below of extra, surprise functionality to be included in the upcoming update.

We already knew about the ability to save your signal chains as presets in Audiobus 2 (something that Palm Sounds appropriately calls Bus Routes), but it gets even better. You’ll not only be able to save and recall signal chains, but also the ‘state’ of your app, so all your app’s parameters will be saved as well as an extra level of preset handling.

State saving will come as part of the default functionality of Audiobus 2.

Here, Stereo Designer‘s Christopher Rice showcases the State Saving functionality in this short video using Nave and his own processing apps.

If all Audiobus-enabled apps will undergo a smooth implementation of the new Audiobus SDK, this will once again mature the iOS platform into a serious music production environment.

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