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Major Coverage for Loopy App
Help Fund Discchord’s ‘Let’s Play’ App Video Series

With the ever growing amount of serious effect apps on your iPad wouldn’t it be great if you could incorporate some of the best iOS effects in your desktop DAW? The iConnectMIDI2+ allows for such a complex setup sending...

Tutorial: Using iPad Effect Apps in Your DAW

Rodrigo Yáñez, developer of the iOS drum synth app Seekbeats created these tutorial videos that not only provide a good look into his app, but also into basic drum synthesis in general. If you always wanted to know how to create...

Tutorial: Creating Synth Drums with Seekbeats

Warming up for the upcoming Audiobus 2 update, Christopher from Holderness Media shows how straightforward it is to save your app and Audiobus signal chain settings all at once into a preset. The sharing function allows you to...

Video: Audiobus 2 Presets
BirdStepper Effect Sequencer Preview Video
Teenage Engineering Adds New OP-School Videos

This is a special App Jam featuring Korg Gadget on an iPad Mini Retina controlled by an Ableton Push. I reviewed the iConnectMIDI2+ a while ago and thought it would be nice to show one of the many possibilities this interface...

App Jam: Korg Gadget + Ableton Push

Cuckoo found some more time to cover NAMM inbetween the Elektron demos and he decided to pay a visit to Bastl Instruments. This small company from the Czech Republic showcased their microGranny 2.0 as well as their modular...

Cuckoo Visits Bastl Instruments
Video: Cuckoo Testdrives Arturia Minibrute SE