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iMPC Pro Mixer Video
Holderness Media Announces Crystalline for iPad
iMPC Pro First Look: Flux Link
OP School Pattern Tutorial Video

I loaded up the new OS on my OP-1 and decided to draw the momupro logo using the new Sketch sequencer. Check out the video and the noise the new DSynth can produce at the end.

Video: OP-1 Sketch Sequencer + Momupro Logo

The OP1’s new OS introduced a new synth called DSynth which is based on the existing DBox drum synth. Cuckoo took a break from his Analog Keys to play this new DSynth in his latest video. While an OP School video would be...

Video: Cuckoo Plays OP-1’s DSynth
OP-1 Sketch Sequencer Videos

Olympia Noise Co., developer of the very handy Chordion app for iPad has just announced a new app called dot Melody. From the video posted on YouTube, dot Melody looks to be a node-based melody sequencer (for iPhone + iPad?)...

Chordion Developer Announces dot Melody