ThumbJam + DrumJam Update Submitted to Apple

The long due announced ThumbJam update is finally submitted to Apple according to developer Sonosaurus. This means we can look forward to the following features + fixes fairly soon:

  • Audiobus 2 support, including state load/save
  • IAA node support
  • Now supports up to 4 screen splits, and up to 8 simultaneously loaded instruments
  • Velocity layering support added (new downloadable instruments coming up that take advantage of it)
  • AudioCopy2 update
  • Added AudioShare export and import
  • Now allows pitch tracking mode in background
  • Added chromatic or white-key-only MIDI scale lock option
  • Custom MIDI NRPN support for handling real-time scale changes via MIDI (for use with the app KeyIn)
  • Added MIDI breath control (CC2) options (volume and filter cutoff)
  • Improved channel and poly pressure support
  • Show all-notes-off button when instrument sustains on release (for damping)
  • User presets are now alphabetized in list (so renaming can control ordering)
  • Fixed up monophonic patch playing via MIDI
  • Fixed sample loop crossfade issues
  • Fixed continuum glide mode in landscape orientation
  • Fixed issue with VoiceOver and menus
  • Fixed longstanding attack envelope consistency issue

Furthermore an update (1.3) for DrumJam has also been submitted to Apple at the same time. Here’s what you can expect in the next version of the versatile drum loop sequencer:

  • Audiobus v2 support, with state save/restore
  • Added direct AudioShare export
  • Added solo pad auto-repeat Swing control
  • Now listens to MIDI program change messages to switch loaded kits, as well as user/factory session presets
  • Responds to a fixed set of MIDI CCs for most parameters
  • Double-tap for defaults on individual effects sliders
  • Now supports MIDI voice-per-channel input for pad instruments
  • Added option to only record pad instrument output
  • Drum kits now have separate open/closed hat notes for MIDI use (GM bindings)
  • Fixed attack consistency issue with large buffer sizes
  • Fixed flam issue with pad auto-repeats
  • Fixed instruments with broken MIDI maps

This is a lot to look forward to from Sonosaurus, a good time to consider these highly recommended apps.

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