Teenage Engineering Pilots Portable Drum Machine, New Oplab Videos

Teenage Engineering Drum Machine

Teenage Engineering joins the portable groovebox trend with a new drum machine that’s supposed to be released this summer, such is reported by CDM.

This new device (the PO-12?) is inspired by Nintendo’s handheld Game & Watch games, sports 2 knobs for parameter locking, an LCD screen and is said to be released late Summer for a mere $50.

Right now the only images are of a board prototype CEO Jesper Kouthoofd brought over to Moogfest to showcase. We hope to see it take further shape and hear some audio very soon.

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Oplab News

There’s more Teenage Engineering news, as the popular and expensive Oplab MIDI interface was restocked, got an aluminium cover (sold separately) and a bunch of typical TE video’s to promote it, check out the playlist below:

Get the Oplab from the TE Store while it’s still available.

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