With Alex Matheu’s Sliver app being submitted to Apple a few days ago, more information on the app is slowly released. First of all the official Sliver website is set up at http://matheusound.net/sliver/, which already has the user manual here.

It seems there’s more to Sliver than what we’ve seen at first glimpse so far, here’s the full feature list:


4 Real-time Manipulation Slivers
4 Independent Audio Channels
Full Automation Control
Apple UIKit Dynamics Physics Controls
8 X/Y Pad control
Touchable Waveform
Low Pass Filter
Temp Sync’ed Delay
Realtime Pitch-shifting without effecting Time Domain (TimeStretch)
Audiobus Support
AudioShare Import/Export
Email Import/Export (Sounds and Presets)
Sample Recording
Playable Virtual Keyboard
MIDI (Virtual, Network, or Hardware)
MIDI Learn
40+ Factory Samples
60 Factory Presets

And there’s more demo material as well posted by the beta testers / preset creators:

A track by @OmnilimbO using a Sliver preset with Orphion for the melody and AUFX: Space for the reverb:

Finally, here’s a video of Alex himself going over a couple of presets in the Sliver app:

Sliver will drop in the App Store very soon for a friendly introductory price of $3.99

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