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Image Line Releases FL Studio 20

To mark the 20 year anniversary FL Studio skips seven major versions to move straight to version 20. FL Studio 20 is not only a big leap in numbering, but also marks the moment FL Studio OS X has become a fully mature, independent version of the software. No more Crossover wrapper, no more ...

Teenage Engineering PO-33 Review

The PO-33 was the device that finally lured me into the Pocket Operator world (gotta collect 'em all!). Together with Korg, Teenage Engineering has been paving the way for a new wave of portable, hardware oriented music making. With each generation Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators have been ...

Superbooth 2018: Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Of course the upcoming OP-Z synth from Teenage Engineering was also represented at Superbooth 2018. Cuckoo had a deep conversation with TE's Tobias about the OP-Z's features, strategy and future goals. Sonic State's Gaz got a quick product demo at Teenage Engineering's booth. Cuckoo and Teenage ...

Superbooth 2018: Twisted Electrons hapiNES and µAcid8

Twisted Electrons is boarding the Pocket Operator train with their announcement of two new 'naked' pocket machines called the hapiNES and µAcid8. The cool thing is they're both compatible with Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator synch modes so you can create a mobile chiptune set. Here's what ...

UNO Synth: IK Multimedia’s 200$ Analog Synth

IK Multimedia adds a portable analog machine to their wide range of music gear. You can get your squelch on with their upcoming UNO Synth. The price point and portability puts it right up against the Korg Volca's and Pocket Operators. For 200$ IK Multimedia promises an easy to use, but powerful ...

Mikme Wireless Microphone Review

The Mikme wireless microphone ran a similar path as the Instamic, going from a successfully crowdfunded campaign to taking a while to end up in backers' hands. I was lucky to be one of the first people to receive mine and since the Mikme is now publicly available it's time to give it a thorough ...