Kickstarter Alert: Ototo Synthesiser

Here’s a new Kickstarter project featuring a circuit board synth that’s as quirky as its name. Ototo has a capacitive touch keyboard with connectors that you can attach to different objects to turn them into parts of your instrument. Yes, this device may remind you of Makey Makey with the crocodile clips and all, but more tailored to creating sound and musical instruments.


There are four sensor inputs which control the different elements of the sound, one each for pitch and loudness and two that control the texture of the sound. You can connect different type of sensors to the inputs such as a breath sensor or a light dependent resistor.

You can audition the sound through Ototo’s built-in speaker or a headphone output and even output MIDI through the USB-port so you can control your DAW.

Anyway, check out the video to see the Ototo in action:

You can pledge the project and own an Ototo Starter Kit from £65 which is set to ship from the UK in June this year.

More info on the Ototo Kickstarter Page

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