I haven’t had the chance to toy around with the intelligent node-based Audulus app for iPad myself, but I keep following the blog with great interest to see what new stuff is added in each update.

Developing a good app is one thing, managing and promoting an app is an art in itself.
Nothing wrong with the latter as you can see in this update video below:

Other than showcasing the update, developer Taylor Holliday shows a quick glimpse of the upcoming iPhone version of Audulus

Audulus 2.6 adds three new nodes: FeedbackDelay, Mux8, and Demux8.

FeedbackDelay allows you to control where a delay occurs in a feedback loop. Because a feedback loop creates a circular dependency between nodes, a delay must be introduced. Audulus indicates where the delay is by showing a “z” on a delayed input. By inserting a FeedbackDelay node in a feedback loop, the delay will be moved to the FeedbackDelay node, allowing you to control precisely where the delay occurs.

Mux8 and Demux8 are 8-way multiplexers and demultiplexers (respectively). Mux8’s selector input (“sel”) controls which of the 8 inputs is routed to the output. Demux8’s selector input controls which of the 8 outputs receives the signal from the input. Both nodes are part of the new Switch Pack upgrade.

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