Mosaik Audio-Warping, Time-Stretching Loop Player Coming This Month

NDVR (Endeavour), creator of the highly expressive EVO controller keyboards claims to bring you closer to an ‘Ableton Live on your sofa’ with their upcoming Mosaik app. Mosaik allows you to import your samples and loops and keep them BPM-synched similar to Ableton’s time-warping engine. The interface screenshots which were posted today also share a similarity with the innovative Samplr app for iPad so this might very well be a nice rival / addition.

Feature List

  • Audio import of samples or whole songs via iPod Library
  • Beat-Signature-Analyzer for making beat-exact loops automatically
  • High-Quality Time-Stretch Engine based on granular synthesis
  • Audiobus support

In the Future

  • Transient Detection for Attack-Phase loop-protection
  • 16×32 Slots (16 Tracks / 32 Slots per Track)
  • Built-In Effects
  • Live-Input Beat-Signature + Transient Detection
  • Much much more …


Next to supporting sample import via the iPod library, NDVR is looking to support AudioCopy as well.

Release date: End of March

Official Website


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