More news on mobile recording interfaces. Mixerface, the Indiegogo project by CEntrance is going to be showcased at NAMM 2014.

The MixerFace promises to be a solution for professional recording on your mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android and laptops). It’s based on CEntrance’s successful, high-end HiFi-M8 D/A converter and features high quality mic preamps with a low noise floor.

MixerFace connections

You can connect the MixerFace to your devices with 2 available USB ports, one for Android and laptops and one for iPhones / iPads. Added mobility is achieved with an integrated battery that runs for 7-8 hours of recording.

The MixerFace will retail for around $599 in April which definitely puts this among the high-end accessories, but you can get it for much less depending on how you fast you support the running Indiegogo campaign.

We’re curious for first-hand reactions on the MixerFace from the upcoming NAMM event.

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