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More Coverage for Loopy App

After Loopy appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show the app went viral. Not only did Loopy reach the top of the paid app charts, but developer Michael Tyson was also interviewed on several radio stations and even made an appearance on Australia's Today Show talking about the app and the recent success. ...

Major Coverage for Loopy App

Here's an iOS music app receiving the type of coverage an app developer can only dream of. Loopy, an innovative looper app developed by the same team that brought us Audiobus was featured on the Jimmy Fallon show in a 2-man doo-wop rendition of 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight', with a good closeup of ...

There’s a Music App for That!

The transition from a desktop DAW to an iOS device for music production can sometimes be a frustrating experience. It's easy to get lost or stuck in the iOS architecture when you're used to your cozy all-in-one powerhouse software. Well, did you know that there's often an iOS equivalent for your ...