Kickstarter Alert: Mogees

Here’s another Kickstarter that can turn everyday objects into musical instruments. Mogees looks like a cross between the Ototo Kickstarter and Impaktor (on steroids). Instead of attaching crocodile clips to objects, Mogees consists of a sensor microphone that you stick to any surface and a mobile app (iOS + Android) that turns the vibrations into (configurable) musical results.

There are 2 main modes in the Mogees app. One is Free Mode, that lets you produce different tones and timbres depending on the physical object and the way you hit it, just like Impaktor. The other mode is Song mode, where you can load in a MIDI file which will play back when you hit your object, this would be good for giving a new dimension to existing songs.


Check out this music video featuring Mogees:

And here’s their official Kickstarter video:

With 19 days to go at the time of writing Mogees seems well on its way to successfully hitting their funding goal. You can still pledge £40 or £60 to own a Mogees (estimated for an August delivery). The £60 Pro version is aimed more at musicians with a higher quality sensor as well as the ability to dig into the synthesis parameters in the app.

Mogees Kickstarter Page

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