Kickstarter Alert: Livid’s Guitar Wing Controller

Livid Instruments, known from their controllers with the Livid Base being the most recent one, has put up their latest project on Kickstarter called the Guitar Wing.

The Guitar Wing is a wireless controller expansion for your guitar or bass that lets you freely control your favourite (effect) plugins/apps (or Guitar Wing’s own bundled GuitarFX plugin) on iOS or the desktop, conveniently adding more expression to your guitar playing.

Guitar Wing

This guitar gadget features pads, the signature Livid touch strips as well as an accelerometer for motion control, here’s the full feature list:

  • Wireless (Bluetooth) | Battery powered (USB charged) | Class compliant MIDI (driverless) | All-RGB LED lighting
  • 5 Pressure sensitive pads | 3 Touch faders | 6 Rubber function buttons | 4 Side selection switches
  • Three axis accelerometer (for motion control)
  • Rubberized clamp for easy attaching and detaching
  • WingFX™ multi-effects software plugin (Standalone & VST)

At the time of writing Livid has already reached their Kickstarter goal, you can however still be part of
the first estimated April delivery batch when you pledge now.

Check out the video:

Guitar Wing Kickstarter Page

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