Help Fund Discchord’s ‘Let’s Play’ App Video Series

It’s inspiring to see colleague iOS music app blogger Tim Webb from Discchord turning all of his iOS community efforts into a business.

Tim has recently created a ‘Let’s Play’ video for the iVCS3 app and because of the positive response he’s looking to turn up the quantity of his app videos. For that to be worth it he’s turning to the content crowdfunding platform Patreon, a place where Cuckoo has also found his home.

Check out Tim’s Patreon video:

And today Tim also posted a new Let’s Play video (featuring SECTOR) to give you an idea of the type of videos you’d be funding if you were his Patreon:

So, if you want to make it possible for Discchord to make more of these videos head over to Tim’s Patreon page.

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