App Jam: Fugue

Fugue is a new MIDI sequencer that hit the App Store yesterday. It’s an interesting and unusual interface when compared to other MIDI sequencing apps. You can configure a set of 16 bars (literally bars, like in a bar chart) over multiple pages. You define a note sequence globally and then you can configure note length, velocity, bpm and MIDI channels for 16 different tracks altogether.

At first I was having trouble getting this up and running as it seems the default configuration can cause a bit of chaos sonically. Luckily, developer Michael Aldridge chimed in on Twitter explaining that you should make sure that your other audio apps are configured to receive MIDI on a single channel only to start out (by default most apps receive MIDI from all channels).

In any case, Fugue is an app that invites you to experiment and create interesting textures.

I picked Animoog and Thor on channel 1 and 2 and decide to have a little App Jam with Fugue, check it out.

Fugue is available for free on the App Store




  1. Thanks for the video. I must admit to also being initially confused and deleted the app to await updates. Now you have pointed out that setting synths to a single channel is the way to go, a light came on in my head. I should have thought of that! Will re install and have another look. Cheers

    • It was a headscratcher for me as well. Luckily the developer was so nice to help me out, he’ll look into changing the default parameters or having something like a mute/disable function for tracks.

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