The details for the upcoming 1.7.2 update of Cubasis for iPad were posted today on the official Steinberg forums. This update fixes a list of known issues as well as increases the playback performance on all devices.

A big new feature is reserved for the next update though as Steinberg is going to add automation in 1.8, a feature that many users were missing in the powerhouse DAW.


Here is the full change log for 1.7.2 which should be available soon.

What’s new
– Audio track playback performance has been drastically increased on all devices.
– Audio track freeze
– Setup option to enlarge the audio recording buffer has been added.
– New latency setup option added (IO buffer size can be adjusted between 128/256/512).
– Maximum polyphony has been increased to a value of 128.
– New tracks will now be created below the selected track.
– CPU/Polyphony display has been overhauled (please refer to In-App help for more details).
– Newly created audio files appear highlighted in the MediaBay.
– A new overlay informs about imported files (replacing the previous popup).
– Separating files for tracks in mixdown now includes track names for each file.
– The touchable area of the preset selection arrows in Micrologue and Micro Sonic has been improved.
– Cycle mode is automatically activated when setting the locators to the selection by long tapping an event.
– Creating an event by double tapping in the arrange window area now automatically selects the corresponding track.
– MIDI tracks assigned to “No Instrument” now display drum pads instead of chord pads as an alternative to the keyboard.
– Several minor usability improvements.

Resolved problems
CB-1308 Disabling solo states restores the states of previously muted tracks.
CB-1451 Fixes an issue where glitches occurred when an IAA app was connected during playback.
CB-1456 The loading time of Cubasis projects that contain IAA apps has been lowered.
CB-1459 Fixes an issue where Inter-App Audio effects were ignored when performing a mixdown.
CB-1455 Fixes an issue where a mixdown or freeze of certain Inter-App Audio instrument apps lead to detuned audio material.
CB-1448 The iOS keyboard now closes automatically when the help screen is closed.
CB-1463 Transferring Mod wheel commands via MIDI out now works as expected.
CB-1464 Fixes a rare phenomenon where the preview of audio files (e.g. a mixdown) in the MediaBay played an outdated version of the file.
CB-1468 Fixes a rare phenomenon where audio tracks continued to play after the playback had been stopped.
CB-1453 Cycle playback on slower devices no longer results in unwanted audible clicks or crackles.
CB-1484 Fixes a rare issue where the instrument rack fails to open fully.
CB-1486 Fixes a rare issue where loading of duplicated snapshot project files fails.
CB-1501 MIDI input for multiple tracks on the same channel now works as expected.
CB-1502 AudioCopy of files that are not in 44.1kHz 16bit format now works as expected.