Crystalline for iPad Now Available

After having teased the lush reverb effect processing synth and guitar in two promo videos, Holderness Media has finally released Crystalline in the App Store today.

If you’re familiar with any of Holderness’ previous apps you should be able to get going and slap this new shimmer effect suite in your audio chain. If not, now is a good chance to collect all of the other effect apps, as Christopher Rice has discounted Swoopster, Stereo Designer and Echo Pad to celebrate PalmSounds’ 8th birthday.


● Control Left and Right channel delay time, feedback, reverb and more.
● 16 delay modes for a wide variety of pitch shifted delay effects
● Multiple stereo output modes including Wide Stereo, Cross Feedback, Stereo Tremolo and Sum to Mono.
● Huge range of ambient sound effects possible, from beautiful shimmering reverbs to dissonant, metallic delays.

Here are the two Crystalline videos again:

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