News: Audiobus App Approved by Apple

Audiobus App LogoGreat news within the iOS music app development community today as the controversial app Audiobus has been approved by Apple and will show up in the App Store very soon! Where Virtual Midi was a great step forward in iOS music production, this app-to-app audio streaming technology should once again turbocharge your workflow on iPhone and iPad. Audiobus enables supported apps to have their audio in- and outputs connected through the app allowing you to create advanced signal chains in the process, kind of like a mobile Propellerheads Reason on your iPhone or iPad.

The Audiobus developers A Tasty Pixel and Audanika have overcome a lot of technical hurdles while developing their Audiobus app, collaborating with other close app developers testing out their technology. With Apple being on the fence for confirming a native inter-app audio technology for iOS 6, having the app approved today can really be seen as a breakthrough and reason to pop the champagne bottles.

When the selected group of developers has all implemented Audiobus technology in its apps, the Audiobus developers will open up the SDK to the public after everything is launched.

Read the full story on the Audiobus Tumblr


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