Audiobus 2.0 Now Available

As announced, Audiobus 2.0 arrived on the App Store today.

The new update that allows for multi-routing (via IAP), preset sharing (with state saving) and input support for multi-channel hardware has found a positive response so far in the official forum topic and it’s only a matter of time before Social Media channels will be flooded with shared presets.

Workaround for In App Purchase crash

A bug slipped through in the release as existing Audiobus users may experience a crash when purchasing the unlimited routing option through the In App Purchase. The app already directs you to a workaround that the developers posted:

***IMPORTANT FOR EXISTING Version 1 USERS: If you’re encountering a crash when purchasing the In-App Purchase, please delete the Audiobus app, reboot your iDevice and then install it freshly again. You won’t be charged twice. We’re submitting a bug fix right now. ***

Supported apps

Audiobus supported apps will probably notice a nice spike in traffic with the new update. Not only because of the new functionality, but also because the preset sharing feature is a great trigger to buy a missing app from someone else’s shared Audiobus chain.

Several developers created a warm welcome for the Audiobus 2 update:

Jonatan Liljedahl discounted his AUFX apps to celebrate the Audiobus 2.0 release and his own birthday!

All the Holderness Media apps are also discounted.

Developer videos
Vio as an effect in Audiobus 2.0:

Positive Grid Welcomes Audiobus 2.0:

Get Audiobus 2.0 from the App Store


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