Apogee Announces 96k Versions of MiC and JAM

Yesterday, Apogee announced updated versions of their MiC portable USB microphone and their JAM guitar interface, both for Mac and iOS.

The JAM 96k and MiC 96k are both upgraded versions of the originals, with a higher sample rate as well as a supplied Lightning cable for newer iOS devices.


Besides that the JAM 96k sports a new nickel-plated design and a ‘warmer’ tube amp tone emulation, whereas the MiC comes with a microphone stand adapter on top of the previously supplied table top stand.

We reviewed the original MiC a while ago. Just like the original Apogee JAM these devices will still be sold alongside their new, higher fidelity versions.

The MiC 96k ($229) and the JAM 96k ($129) are now shipping worldwide.

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