2014: Year of the Wearables

Nowadays it’s a mere piece of fabric (or two) separating us from a music making device most of the time. This year, our devices will come even closer to our bodies, following the smart watch trend with the yet to be announced Apple iWatch marching up front. Let’s take a look at all the announced wearables for music production in 2014.

Kapture Recording Watch

kapture watchFirst up, with a planned release date set for March, the Kapture recording watch was successfully funded last year on KickStarter. The stylish watch sports an always-on recorder recording in a 60-second loop. Whenever you find that past 60 seconds worth capturing you are but a tap away from sending it to an app on your smartphone. Privacy-matters aside, we think it’s a great gadget to capture those ‘ooh-I-wish-I-had-a-mic-with-me’ environmental samples with.

iRing – by IK Multimedia

iring 2

Announced today, the iRing adds an extra dimension to controlling your music making apps. Your hand gestures are enough to control those synth parameters or effects. With the Leap Motion in mind we’re curious to see how this device will work out, standing or falling with third party developers implementing this technology in their apps. Never the less, this is a positive development for producers and DJ’s trying to add that extra element to their performance.

Wear – wearable directional microphone


Initially designed as a lifesaver for people with a hearing loss, Wear is an elegantly looking directional microphone that can clarify conversations in noisy environments. While Wear doesn’t have the ability to record the incoming audio, it can be connected to a portable recorder like a Zoom. At the time of writing Wear is almost successfully funded with 4 days left to go, expecting to be shipped in September this year. Check out the video below:

Kickstarter Page



While I wouldn’t see myself using this on public transport with headphones or an external speaker, the DrumPants are a great solution for rhythmic people that usually resort to desks, tables or…regular pants.

With just 59 hours to go at the time of writing the DrumPants is an already successfully funded project on KickStarter. You can attach the straps with drum sensors in whatever way you like and if you’re not fond of the on-board drum sounds, it’s exciting to know that this thing can send MIDI (to your mobile devices) as well.

Kickstarter Page

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